Capitol of the State of Texas

Capitol of the State of Texas

Friday, July 20

Unfair Power of the Death Penalty

In this blog, the author explains how an innocent man is being sent to jail for being a 'conspirator' in a murder despite the fact that he had no control over or consent to the murder.

The death penalty in Texas is a long time debate. Not only is the debate over wether or not we should allow the extreme type of punishment in our state at all, but also who should be sent to death road. This is one example showing the extremeties of our current system. Innocent people are still being sent to the death chair. Until we can streamline the system and ensure that only deserving criminals are killed, capital punishment should be suspended. However, the great deal of support (particularly from conservatives) for the sentance does not allow the system a chance to be altered.

This also goes hand in hand with the 'fixing' of our constitution. The death penalty has a direct correlation to Texas's constitution as well as its aditional ammendment.

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